Tradewinds Productions has been created to make visually bold, interesting and ambitious market driven films as well as innovative and compelling television. 

To work with/Co-produce television and feature films by creating award winning works that stimulates entertain and inspires. 

To be commercially driven to provide benefits to our audience, our investors and our supporters.


Tradewinds Productions is a company with a special division that specialises in corporate videos for your company’s unique needs.


To enable and sustain growth and talent through the company’s production. We will endeavour to source some of the best, most high profile acting talent.

Access to an extensive crew base of experienced and professional technicians.

A range of great locations throughout the Uk together with a network of screen agencies with dedicated location support.

Competitive production costs together with tax incentives


At Tradewinds Productions we believe that investing in British films offers an extremely good tax efficient alternative investment opportunity this is due to incentives offered by the UK Government, with potentially lucrative returns as well as other non-financial but equally rewarding benefits of being involved in the film industry.


Tradewinds productions are happy to accept unsolicited scripts providing they are submitted with the following information: Submit in pdf format with name, email, phone number, title of work, indicate weather for TV or feature film (we do not accept short films) log line (no more than 20 words) synopsis (no more than 500 words)

BEST OF ALL get your agent to get in touch or send us some material.